1937 News 08 August 26 Issue

From The Worthington Times Archives, August 26, 1937

Pupils wait for school opening

John and Mary Worthington, by the hundreds, are preparing for the opening of Worthington Public Schools on Wednesday, September 1. Superintendent L. C. McIntosh announced that at 8:25 a.m. all students in the grades are to report to rooms in which they were last spring. Assignment to classes and assignment of lessons are to follow.

School is to be dismissed for Labor Day, September 6, and students who wish to go to the State Fair will be given school credit only for one day on Wednesday, September 8, Children's Day at the fair.

Mr. McIntosh gave the following list of teachers for the new school year: First grade, Miss Martha Short; Second, Miss Edith Dixon; Third, Miss Hazel Dollahan; Fourth, Miss Ione Wells; Fifth, Miss Glenna Kittle; Seventh, Mrs. Minta Scantland; Eighth, Miss Ruth Hannum; Commerce, Miss Beulah Sanders; History and Coach, Alvin Franklin; Industrial Arts, Max Adkins; English, Miss Iva Kindred; Principal and Mathematics, Virgil Fisher; Agriculture, Mr. McIntosh; and Home Economics, Miss Mary Burns.

Lacking funds, the school board was not able to repaint the entire building. However the assembly, science and library rooms, office, upper hall and lower front hall, have been improved with paint. The entire building is being cleaned and fumigated and floors oiled. Bins have been filled with coal.

At College Hill School, Jefferson Township's only school, the scholastic year is to be started Wednesday and Miss Grace Cooper has been selected by Trustee Harley Franklin as teacher.

Now you'll know Coach Franklin

So Worthingtonians may know the coach in the local schools, The Times borrowed the accompanying likeness from the Washington Herald.


Alvin Franklin hails from that town where the B. & O. railroad has shops, and where state champion basketball teams have been produced. He is a son of Mrs. Martha Franklin of that city.  Coach Franklin recently wound up his course of study at Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute.  He has agreed to be here Wednesday, the first day of school, and also the opening day for football practice.  Here's hopin'.

Seeks to abandon farmer station

The Pennsylvania railroad station, at Freedom, for generations a stopping point for passengers, may be abandoned. The Pennsylvania Railroad has filed a petition with the Public Service Commission to abandon it. Freedomites and other persons interested in the matter, are to be given an opportunity to show why the station should be or should not be abandoned at a hearing to be held in the Owen County Court House at Spencer on September 8. Unless patrons show why the station should not be abandoned, indications are that the commission will permit the railroad to close the station.

R. H. Becknell sent to CCC Camp here - Ralph H. Becknell has been transferred from the Lexington Indiana camp to the CCC Camp here, to succeed M. F. Beauchamp as superintendent of field activities. Beauchamp was sent to a Negro camp at Wadesville. Mr. Becknell assumed his new duties Monday. He is a civil engineer from Purdue University who has had 15 years experience in irrigating and railroad work in the west. Mr. Becknell has a family and a grandson, who is the "apple of his eye" at LaPorte. The new civilian head of the camp said work would be carried on as it has been in the past and the public would always be welcome to visit him. Plans are being made for a tour to cover work that has been done here by CCC enrollees.

Grays too strong for Spencerites - Written by Lloyd Rollison - The Worthington Grays were too strong for Spencer, Sunday, winning their thirteenth game of the season by a score of 8 to 3 at Bartley Field. This was the second time this season the Grays have defeated Spencer. The local club has lost but four games this season. Thompson and C. Smith led the locals at bat with two hits each. Names in the Worthington box scores included Short 3b, Lewis ss, Thompson c, Rollison 1b, McIntosh cf, C. Smith lf, Baker 2b, Inman rf, Smith p, Bland p, Tipton lf.

Ma Weaver in an accident - Della Dillinger, better known as "Ma Weaver," lost considerable blood Friday evening when a car in which she was riding, on State Road 157 in Highland Township, figured in an accident. Dr. G. E. Moses closed a gash in her head.

Two ladies and a CCC man in Linton accident - Mrs. Jesse Greenwood and Francis Arthur sustained cuts and bruises in an automobile accident, Monday evening in Linton. Both were treated for minor injuries at Freeman Greene County Hospital there. The two women, in a car driven by Raymond Cantrell, enrollee of the local CCC Camp, were east-bound on State Road 54 when an unidentified motorist, according to Mrs. Greenwood, drove out of the park. Mrs. Greenwood said that Cantrell, in order to avoid a collision swerved the car and crashed into a tree. The damaged car was brought to the Model Garage in Worthington.

Farmer folk join in picnic - Three farm organizations - the Greene County Farm Bureau, Junior Farmers composed of young male agriculturalists and Homemakers, which are young women interested in the basic industry of the nation - with families and friends, had an all-day picnic Sunday in the park at Lyons. A worship service was held in the morning, followed by the noon meal, after which watermelons and cantaloupes were served to 200 for dessert. The Switz City School band entertained, the Lyons 4-H Girls gave a naval drill and a string band from Worthington, led by Herbert Thacker, added to the fun of the occasion.

Mystery picnic of Gleaners - The mysterious annual picnic of the Gleaners of the Christian Church was held at Shakamak Park last Friday. The mystery of the event is in the fact that the destination is unknown to all except members of the committee in charge - for this meet, Mesdames Fred Secrest and Homer Stump. The windings through streets and alleys, the temporary stoppages at various places are accepted by the group as matter of course and a part of the program. A sumptuous dinner including ice cream, sherbert and watermelons was served. Members who enjoyed the outing were Mesdames J. O. Foley of Freedom, Fred Secrest, Frank Gantz, Ed Sanders, Fannie Grey, Bessie Black, Homer Stump, Ed East, J. E. Hubbell, Jesse Mitten, Mark Hays, William Fiscus, Clara Dean, J. W. Heath, C. V. Corbin, Rev. and Mrs. P. E. Roll and daughter Rosalind, Mary East, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Hopper.

Man is fined in sordid case - Charged with contributing to the delinquency of his granddaughter, Mrs. Erma Thacker of Worthington, Henry Chestnut, 59, of Washington was fined $1 and costs and sentenced to serve 60 days on the penal farm in the Daviess Circuit Court. Mrs. Thacker, mother of a nine-months old baby was taken into custody early Sunday morning in Washington in an alleged intoxicated condition, in company with a Washington youth. The baby was with her.

Bitten by girl - Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Riggs have received word Tuesday that their grandson, Fred Buskirk, Jr. of Cleveland, Ohio, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buskirk, was in a hospital there, suffering from streptococci infection of the arm. The infection resulted from a wound caused when a little girl bit him. He is critically ill.

Worthingtonians to help entertain - Worthingtontonians are to help entertain the hundreds who are expected to attend the all-day picnic Sunday at Bloomfield of the conservation clubs in this and adjoining counties. Barbara Shouse and Dick Heaps are to give a tap dance and Sara Jane Hunter is to do acrobatic stunts. Each club in the county is expected to provide one or more numbers for the afternoon program. Dinner is to be served at noon.

Lincoln observes homecoming - Former members, now living elsewhere, returned to Lincoln Church in Smith Township Sunday to mingle with friends, some of whom had not met for years. After Sunday school, morning worship, communion and the sermon, a noon dinner was spread under the trees in the grove. There was even more food than the crowd could eat.

Brother of Mrs. Haxton buried -Funeral services for Louis Schmidt, 69, former Spencerite and brother of Mrs. Harve Haxton, were held last Thursday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church at Spencer of which he was a member. Burial was in Riverside Cemetery. Mrs. Haxton's brother died at his home at Lafayette, Indiana where he had been in the wholesale drug business for several years. He had been a victim of heart trouble for a long time. While living in Spencer, Mr. Schmidt had been a retail druggist. He was elected clerk of Owen County in 1911. For a time he was cashier of the Spencer National Bank. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Schmidt, both deceased. Years ago he and Una Price were married. He leaves the widow, two sons, a daughter, a brother Charles of Owen County, and his sister.

More News Notes 

Fred and Carl Owen were recognized by the B. F. Goodrich Company for their effort in a war on unsafe tires.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Newsom, outstanding Jersey breeders in this section, "mopped up" at the Tri-County Fair and the Wabash Valley parish show, held in connection with the fair, at Jasonville last week. They won about 40 prizes.

Charles T. White of Worthington is enrolled in an intensive three weeks summer session at Indiana University.

He is "getting along nicely," is the late word received by Nettie Stinebaugh, with reference to her son, Willard, whose left eye was recently removed at a hospital at Robinson, Illinois.

Agnes Ray has returned from McCormick's Creek State Park where she attended a leadership training school.

Mrs. Martha Kendall, 78, living northwest of Linton, mother of Jack Kendall, was recently injured seriously when she tripped on a lawn mower at her home.

Mt. Vernon Church plans to hold an all-day meeting with basket dinner next Sunday.

Dick Heaps was a member of the cast of Shields Players of Linton who were on the program for three evenings at the silver jubilee program at the Southeastern Indiana Chautauqua given recently at Moores Hill.

Mrs. Leroy Griffith of the Oak Grove neighborhood now has no tonsils. They were removed Tuesday by Dr. G. E. Moses at his office. He says she is getting along nicely.

Glenn Hurst of Greencastle and Sherla Sosh of Linton, formerly of Worthington, got a marriage license.

George E. Jackson was running a weekly ad announcing he has entered the practice of law in the offices of Edwin B. Long at Bloomfield.

A full page back to school ad announced school time specials on the first day of school at various businesses in Worthington including the Queen Brothers Radio Store, Mrs. Jack Wolf's Nifty Beauty Shop with Operator Helen Stahl, Tresslars 5c-10c to $1 Store, Shoes at Heston's, Trautman's Drug Store, John Hunter's Economy Store, the C & E Store, Owens Service Station, Secrest's Sandwich Shop - the social center for school pupils, Dentist Harry Bruner, E. E. Cornelius's Busy Bee - open every hour, and Edna Bussard's Worthington Bakery. The ad included pictures of the High School and the Primary Building.

Wee Willie Winkie starring Shirley Temple was showing at the State Theatre.