Feature photo from Greene County, Indiana, Courtesy of Nick Schneider, a faith-based social media blogger and photographer. “Morning Greetings” on the Times is a column featuring his recent and past devotionals and inspirational photos. Follow Nick Schneider on Facebook where he posts his newest devotionals early in the day.

Greetings on August 13


Standing firm in the Lord is sometimes an uncomfortable place to be.

If we are prepared and pumped up in our spirit we can march forth with confidence, like a well-prepared athlete who knows his or her ability because they have worked hard behind the scenes in preparation.

Have you checked your spiritual air pressure lately? Are you operating for the Lord at peak efficiency? Be warned: failing to perform daily spiritual maintenance can ultimately leave you stranded.

How can we have a “pumped-up” faith that will go the distance?

These answers are in 1 Thessalonians 3 where Paul states, “Afflictions are not accidents—they are appointments.”

1 Thessalonians 3:7-6 (Amplified Bible) says , “Brethren, for this reason, in [spite of all] our stress and crushing difficulties we have been filled with comfort and cheer about you [because of] your faith (the leaning of your whole personality on God in complete trust and confidence).

Because now we [really] live, if you stand [firm] in the Lord.”

If we want to build a rock-hard faith we will have to increase our intensity and prepare our faith.

Faith is like a muscle — we’ve got to use it or you’ll lose it.

Sometimes we've got to push ourself to the limit.

Prayer, worship, praise and service to others need not be a chore, but something we delight in.

God has a purpose in all of the afflictions we face and we must depend upon him to bring us through the fire. The fire is not so hot if we have prepared ourselves and built up our faith.

Be blessed.