The Garden Club Park in downtown Worthington. Feature Photo by Kermit Rochelle.

From the Shady Streets of Worthington,

Welcome to

The Worthington Times Online.

In Historic Worthington, Indiana

The Hometown with

Shady Streets & Friendly People

and the Hometown of...

Herbert O. Yardley


America's Most Colorful Cryptologist

Honored in National Security Agency Hall of Fame

Codebreaker, Poker Player

Author of "The Education of a Poker Player"

and "The American Black Chamber"

Fred A. Jewell


Indiana's March King

Honored with Indiana Historical Marker on Worthington's Triangle

Bandleader of Marching Bands and Circus Bands including

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Band

Composer of March Music including "E Pluribus Unum"

Composer of Circus Music including "The Screamer" 

The Big Sycamore Tree

A giant sycamore said to be the nation's largest deciduous tree

Honored by the Indiana State Museum as the

Icon representing Greene County, Indiana

One limb uniquely preserved in the Worthington Park --

A monument to the Big Tree after it fell in a storm in 1924

The Worthington Times

Greene County's Oldest Newspaper - Established in 1853

A treasure trove of Worthington and Greene County history

Over 150 years of back issues preserved on microfilm housed in...

The Indiana State Library in Indianapolis and

The Worthington-Jefferson Township Public Library in Worthington

The Times is no longer published on newsprint but it lives on