Woman who claimed to be ‘Stephanie Starbuck’ sentenced for identity deception and a drug charge

A woman who allegedly told a deputy her name was ‘Stephanie Starbuck’ was sentenced last Thursday in two different cases, one involving identity deception, the other involving drug charges.

Shambree Treadway

Shambree Treadway

Shambree Leelynn Treadway, 38, Bloomington, appeared in Greene Superior Court Thursday with two cases pending against her.

In one, she was arrested in late May when Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Heather Wood and GCSD Sgt. Bobby Pierce stopped a car without a working license plate light. The driver drove away with a ticket, but Treadway, who was a passenger, got a ride to jail.

During the after-midnight stop early on a Saturday, Pierce talked to the driver and wrote her a ticket while Wood talked to the passenger, later identified as Shambree Treadway, who appeared to be nervous. Treadway told the deputy she did not have any form of identification on her but said her name was Stephanie Starbuck. A records check on Stephanie Starbuck returned nothing.

The woman was asked to step outside the vehicle and the driver was asked if she knew the name of the passenger. Before the driver could answer, a child in the back seat provided officers with the name of Shambree Treadway. A records check on Treadway revealed there was a warrant out for her arrest, in a case of identity deception.

Treadway was taken into custody on the warrant and in a search due to the arrest, Deputy Wood asked if she had anything on her, specifically any needles that would stick the officer. Treadway said no, but Wood reported she detected hard objects that turned out to be syringes hidden in the woman’s bra.

According to narrative written by Wood for a probable cause affidavit, Treadway claimed the syringes had not been used, that she hadn’t met up with her person yet, and that she was supposed to pick up her “stuff” at 2:30 a.m. Wood reported the syringes tested positive for methamphetamine and were sent to a lab for expert analysis.

Treadway was charged with possession of methamphetamine, a Level 6 felony, and unlawful possession of a syringe, a Level 6 felony.

In the case involving identity deception, Treadway was arrested in February and bonded out of jail. She was scheduled to be in court on May 14 but she failed to appear – that’s why a warrant had been issued.

0n August 13, plea agreements were reached in both cases and Treadway was evaluated for eligibility for alternative sentencing options.

When she appeared in Greene Superior Court last Thursday, October 4, Treadway was sentenced separately in each case.

In the case involving identity deception, she pleaded guilty to identity deception as a Level 6 felony and was sentenced to two years with 180 days suspended. She was given credit for 132 days already served as of last Thursday. She will serve the remainder of the time on work release as long as she’s eligible.

In the case involving drug charges, she pleaded guilty of unlawful possession of a syringe, a Level 6 felony, and the count of meth possession was dropped. She was sentenced to two years with 180 days suspended and will be able to serve the time on work release as long as she’s eligible. The judge specified that this sentence will be served consecutive to the other sentence – she won’t begin to serve this sentence until after the first sentence is completed.