Woman arrested after bragging about “putting one over” on a state trooper

A woman who allegedly bragged on social media that she’d put one over on a state trooper during a traffic stop found out it was only temporary. He continued to investigate and she wound up in the Greene County Jail facing a felony charge.

Shaniesha Waggoner

Shaniesha Waggoner

Shaniesha Roshay Waggoner, 25, Kokomo, was arrested this past Sunday, March 31, by Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy David Elmore on a warrant issued for her arrest back in November.

The warrant was issued after an ongoing investigation by Indiana State Police Master Trooper Eric Nash to determine the true identity of a woman suspected of giving him a false name during a traffic stop.

Trooper Nash was working traffic patrol on I-69 on September 15 when he observed a blue Chevrolet Impala traveling at a high rate of speed. He first checked the car’s speed using his front moving radar then checked again using the rear moving radar and in both cases, clocked the Impala at 100 mph in a 70 mph zone.

During a traffic stop, the driver said she had forgotten her driver’s license at home but said her name was LG (using initials to protect the innocent person whose name was used)  and she provided a birthdate. She said they (she had two passengers on board) were from Kokomo and were on their way to visit someone in prison in Kentucky.

When Trooper Nash ran a records check, nobody by the name of LG with the same birthdate turned up with a driver’s license.

When his dispatch center ran a name check, they were able to find an LG in Kokomo but with a different middle initial. The photograph of that person did not match the driver Nash had pulled over.

The driver allegedly said when she got back home, she could send the trooper a picture of her driver’s license and she gave him her home and cell phone numbers.

Nash issued the driver a citation for speeding and released her.

Additional investigation later revealed the driver Trooper Nash had stopped was actually Shaniesha Roshay Waggoner.

On September 17, the trooper was advised LG wanted to report someone bragging on social media that they got away with speeding and giving a false name. When Nash talked to LG, she said Waggoner was posting and bragging about pulling one over on him during the traffic stop.

When he ran a records check on Waggoner, it returned info that she had a regular ID card only with a driving status of suspended.

So Nash gave Waggoner a call and when she answered, he said, “Hey Shaniesha.” She said she didn’t remember him. When he told her he was Trooper Nash who stopped her on I-69, and that she lied to him, she told him he was mistaken.

The trooper called “bullshit” and informed her he had talked to the real LG.

Nash reported Waggoner tried to talk her way out of the situation but he stopped her and advised he would be filing charges against her in Greene County and she would definitely have to go to court and possibly to jail. Nash said she started crying, said she was pregnant and didn’t want to have her child in jail. He advised her she should have thought of that when she lied to him.

Nash reported that Waggoner asked if there was anything she could do to make this right – she said she would pay the ticket. He explained it was too late for that.

A criminal case was filed against Waggoner and a warrant issued for her arrest in November.

The warrant remained outstanding until this past Sunday when Waggoner was arrested and booked in to the Greene County Jail where her bond was set at $4,500 surety with ten percent cash allowed. She was released later the same day after posting $450 cash.

Waggoner is now scheduled to appear in Greene Superior Court on April 11 for an initial hearing when she will be formally charged with:

  • Reckless driving – driving at unreasonable high or low speed that endangers safety, a Class C misdemeanor, and

  • Identity deception, a Level 6 felony.