Woman accused of shoplifting items worth $64.25

A woman in court this week, charged with theft, is accused of shoplifting by hiding items in her purse and in backpacks being worn by her children.

Chelsea D. Vaughn, 30, of Jasonville, appeared in Greene Superior Court on Monday, November 26. She’s been charged with theft, a Class A misdemeanor.

The incident occurred back on August 29. She was interviewed that day but wasn’t arrested at that time. A criminal case was then filed against Vaughn on September 7 as a result of an investigation by Officer John Agan assisted by Officer Debbie McDonald, both of the Linton Police Department.

A summons was sent to Vaughn at an old address, but since there was no forwarding address, it was returned to the court then resent to an updated address, ordering her to appear on Monday.

On the day of the incident, Officers Agan and McDonald responded to Walmart around 5:46 p.m. about a suspected shoplifter, Chelsea Vaughn. She had been detained by asset protection and was waiting in a back office.

Officer Agan said one of the store’s asset protection associates told them they had watched Vaughn conceal several items in her purse and in two backpacks her children were wearing on their backs. He said she paid for a 20-ounce beverage when she went through a checkout in the lawn and garden department then exited the store through doors in the lawn and garden department without paying for the concealed items.

Agan took photos of the items that had been concealed then Vaughn was transported to the Linton Police Department. During an interview, she allegedly confessed to stealing the items.

Officer Agan reported the items stolen included Dial body wash, Nexxus shampoo, Nexxus hair conditioner, Expert Grill instant lighting charcoal, two six-pack packages of Bic lighters, Betty Crocker pasta salad, Great Value bacon pieces, five Roma tomatoes and two cucumbers.

The total value of the items was $64.25.