Suspect allegedly dropped his drugs as he was leaving the courthouse

There’s a warrant out for a man who allegedly dropped two clear plastic bags as he was leaving the Greene County Courthouse. Both contained white substances that field-tested positive as methamphetamine. Security officers found the bags then checked footage from surveillance video systems which showed who dropped the drugs.

Steven Jarrett Wayne Gibson, 29, of Linton, is now facing a preliminary charge of possession of methamphetamine, a Level 6 felony.

Deputy Alan Jackson of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating the incident.

On Thursday, April 4, Greene County Courthouse Security Officer Patrick Fulford informed Deputy Jackson that Security Officer Cheryl Taylor found a clear plastic bag of what they believed to be methamphetamine lying on the floor at the courthouse and that they had surveillance footage that showed the bag was dropped from Gibson’s clothing as he was leaving the building.

When Deputy Jackson arrived at the courthouse, he saw two clear plastic zip lock bags, one with a crystalized substance and the other with a white powder substance.

Deputy Jackson reported the footage showed Gibson walking into the courthouse wearing a purple shirt, black shorts, black socks and sandals, carrying a black sweatshirt. The footage also shows that when Gibson was walking to the doors to exit the building, a small object fell from his shorts and landed on the floor. The footage later shows Officer Taylor when she found the bag.

When Jackson talked to Taylor, she told him she found the second bag in the foyer area between the two doors but there was no footage of the second bag being dropped.

The two bags were taken to the sheriff’s department as evidence and field-tested. Both bags were positive for meth.

A criminal case was filed against Gibson and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.