Suspect accused of stealing a bicycle, riding it to a store, then shoplifting candy and a beverage

When an LPD officer was dispatched to a Linton store about a shoplifter, the suspect said he was hungry and allegedly admitted he tried to steal candy and a beverage.

Timothy Scott

Timothy Scott

Timothy Glen Scott, Jr., 26, of Terre Haute, was arrested by Officer Debbie McDonald of the Linton Police Department on Tuesday morning, April 9.

Officer McDonald was on duty when she was dispatched to CVS in Linton about an attempted theft. When she arrived around 9 a.m., the store manager and the suspect, Scott, were standing at the front of the store.

When McDonald asked them what was going on, Scott allegedly said, “I was hungry, and I tried to steal some food.”

When McDonald asked him how he got to the store, he said on a bicycle. When she asked him if the bicycle was his, he allegedly said, “No, I stole it a few nights ago from Meadow Brook Apartments.”

McDonald reported that on Saturday, April 6, a resident of Meadow Brook Apartments reported to LPD Det. Paul Clark that his black Mongoose mountain bike had been stolen from his porch the night before. After McDonald talked to Scott at the CVS store, LPD returned the bicycle to the owner.

The call alleging Scott had stolen items from the store came after an employee said she saw Scott put candy in the back pocket of his jeans, then pull his shirt down over the pocket. He is also accused of taking a Starbucks Carmel Frappe. The total cost of the two items was $5.65.

Scott was transported and booked in to the Greene County Jail around 10:24 a.m. His bond was set at $2,000 surety with ten percent cash allowed.

Yesterday, on Thursday, April 11, Scott appeared in Greene Superior Court for an initial hearing and was formally charged with two counts of theft, both Class A misdemeanors.