Patient accused of threatening nurse

A warrant is out for the arrest of a man who allegedly threatened to rip a nurse’s throat out when he was a patient in a hospital.

Nathan T. McCullough, 35, of Linton, is wanted on a preliminary charge of intimidation, a Level 6 felony.

The alleged incident occurred on Wednesday, November 28, at Greene County General Hospital.

Shortly after midnight, Officer Orry Phipps of the Linton Police Department had placed McCullough on detention in the hospital for observation. A few hours later, close to 4:30 a.m., Officer Phipps was dispatched back to the hospital.

Phipps talked to an emergency room nurse who told him she had been keeping an eye on McCullough, checking on him every 15 minutes in keeping with hospital policy. She said the last time she went into the room to check on him and asked how he was doing, he swatted at her hand and told her he was going to rip her throat out. She said she was scared to go back into the room.

Phipps said when he talked to McCullough, he said he made the comments because the nurse would not leave him alone and there was no reason for her to keep coming into his room to check on him.

After Phipps submitted details about the incident to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office, a criminal case was filed against McCullough and last week a warrant was issued for his arrest.