One man charged in kayaker case arrested in new case, accused of battery to a baby

Kyle Hall

Kyle Hall

One of the two kayakers caught by two fishermen in May, accused of stealing their nets and equipment out of White River, has been arrested in a new criminal case involving battery to a baby.

Kyle Matthew Hall, 25, of Bloomfield, now has three criminal cases pending against him in Greene County.

In two cases, he was scheduled to appear in court for pre-trial conferences on Monday, August 6, and was arrested by Greene County Courthouse Security Chief Patrick Fulford.

Hall was wanted on a warrant issued in the latest case on preliminary charges of:

  • Battery on a person less than 14 years old, a Level 6 felony, and
  • Battery, a Class B misdemeanor.

These charges are a result of investigative work by Bloomfield Deputy Marshal Wayman JR Blazier after Blazier was dispatched to a domestic on Wilson Drive in Bloomfield on Friday, July 13.

Officer Blazier talked to a woman, holding a crying nine-month-old baby, who said her ex-boyfriend, Hall, had been at her house and there was an argument over who she was talking to on Facebook.

The woman alleged Hall had pushed her back against a wall while she was holding her baby and when she hit the wall, the baby’s head hit a corner of the wall.

She said she tried to leave, walked out of her house and tried to use her phone but Hall took it and threw it into the yard. She then put her baby into her car. She wanted to leave but Hall’s vehicle was parked behind hers, so she drove through the yard, hitting a tree stump on the way before she made it onto Wilson Drive.

She said Hall then left so she pulled back into her drive and started looking for her phone.

Blazier located the cell phone in the back yard, and reported the woman showed no sign of injury but there was a red mark on the back of the baby’s head.

Other officers arrived in the area to assist, including Greene County Sheriff’s Det. Shawn Cullison, Deputy Zachary Goad and BPD Deputy Marshal Marvin Holt.

Hall was located at his residence on Franklin Street.

When Blazier talked to Hall, Blazier said he seemed agitated and allegedly said nothing had happened, he didn’t push the woman, he wasn’t there and he’d been home all night. But other officers said the hood of his vehicle was hot to touch.

Blazier also talked to the woman’s neighbor who had been sitting out on her porch during this incident. He said she told him she heard yelling, saw the woman getting into her vehicle and drive through the yard hitting something and then saw her pull back into the driveway. She also saw a man leaving and she described the vehicle but did not know the man.

But he interviewed another woman who visited the neighbor’s house that night but was not quite there yet when the incident occurred so she did not witness the altercation. She was on her way to the neighbor’s and allegedly met Hall’s vehicle at an intersection close by. She said she saw the driver but didn’t know his name.

Blazier set up a photo line-up. He gathered photos of eight individuals, including Hall and others who looked similar to him, and reported the witness did not hesitate – she picked out the photo of Hall as the person she saw driving away from the area.

In addition, Blazier checked a security camera that was located on the route from the woman’s home to Hall’s residence. He pulled up video footage from the time period of the incident and reported it showed Hall’s vehicle traveling by in the direction of his house, then shortly after that, showed Blazier’s patrol vehicle headed in the direction of the call to the woman’s house.

In another case pending against Hall, he is charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication, both Class B misdemeanors, stemming from an incident last October. He had entered into a pre-trial diversion agreement but after the kayaking case was filed, a motion was made by the state to bring the case back into court.

In the kayaking case, Hall was one of two men arrested on May 1 and charged with theft, a Class A misdemeanor, and criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor. They were allegedly stealing nets and buoys when two fisherman caught them, got the two kayakers into their boat, tied the kayaks onto the boat, then called the sheriff’s department and told them to come pick up the suspects at the boat ramp in Elliston. The other man who was charged in this case has entered into a pre-trial diversion agreement.

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