Officers arrest man who took off out the back door and through the woods

A man suspected of battery on two juveniles at a home in Bloomfield last weekend took off out the back door and headed into the woods when police arrived. They found him, and took him to jail.

Roger Jared Porter

Roger Jared Porter

Roger Jared Porter, 27, listed a home address in Bloomington when he was booked in to the Greene County Jail at 11:20 p.m. on Saturday, November 24, by Bloomfield Deputy Marshal Jordan Allor.

Officer Allor was dispatched to a home on South Lester Street around 10:10 p.m. that night where Porter was allegedly intoxicated, unruly and had hit two juveniles he falsely accused of stealing a pack of cigarettes.

When the officer arrived, several people were standing in the yard and he learned the missing pack of cigarettes had been located and had not been stolen. But Porter allegedly accused the two juveniles of this theft and had struck both of them.

Adults on the scene also alleged that when Porter was confronted about hitting the juveniles, he had gotten aggressive and pushed an adult.

Allor said when he talked to the juveniles, they said Porter had hit one’s head off of a table and scratched his face, and had hit the other with a closed fist causing his right ear to become red and painful.

After talking with people outside, Allor asked and was given permission to enter the house to find Porter. But when he got inside, Porter had already taken off out the back door.

Officer Allor then began to search a wooded area nearby along with Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Goad while GCSD Deputy David Elmore began driving around the area in an effort to locate Porter.

It wasn’t long before Deputy Elmore found Porter at a car wash on East Main Street.

A probable cause affidavit prepared by Officer Allor indicates Porter answered Allor’s questions with several excuses. When asked about the incident, Porter said the juveniles were trying to get him in trouble to keep them out of trouble for stealing cigarettes. Allor said the cigarettes had not actually been stolen.

When asked about the scratches on one juvenile’s face and the red ear of the other, Porter allegedly said the juveniles play rough and are always getting hurt. When asked why he left, he said he didn’t know police were there. When asked why he went out the back door and through the woods, he said he always walks that way.

Porter was told to turn around and place his hands behind his back but Allor said he refused. Allor said he grabbed one arm, Deputy Goad grabbed the other, Porter was placed in handcuffs and then transported to jail.

Porter’s bond was set at $2,000 surety with ten percent cash allowed. As of mid-day Tuesday, he was still in jail.

Porter was scheduled to appear in court for an initial hearing to be charged with two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury, both Class A misdemeanors.