More to the Story: Stalking suspect allegedly involved in barricade incident in Sullivan County earlier this week

Details were missing about the arrest of a Greene County man accused of stalking until a new criminal case was filed against him Thursday releasing information alleging he was the person involved in a barricaded residence in Sullivan County and that he’d held a handgun to his head threatening to kill himself.

Joey Edmonson

Joey Edmonson

Joey Lee Edmonson, 29, Jasonville, was arrested by Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy James Carpenter on Tuesday, February 26, on a warrant for his arrest that was issued on February 14.

The warrant remained outstanding until around noon on Tuesday when the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance from the Greene County Sheriff’s Department in locating Edmonson. SCSD advised Edmonson had been involved in a barricaded residence situation and was in possession of a handgun. They also advised Edmonson had placed the handgun against his own head threatening to kill himself and they knew he had two criminal warrants out for his arrest in Greene County.

Officer Ryan Van Horn of the Jasonville Police Department also responded to assist and advised Deputy Carpenter that SCSD pinged Edmonson’s cell phone which indicated it was in the area of County Road 800 West and State Road 48.

At that time, Carpenter was at the intersection of CR 700 North and CR 800 West so he traveled north on CR 800 West.

When he arrived at the intersection of CR 800 West and SR 48, he saw a man wearing a black jacket on foot. The deputy got out of his patrol vehicle and told Edmonson to put his hands up. Edmonson complied and was then told to lay on his stomach with his arms out to the sides and he complied.

Deputy Carpenter notified dispatch he had Edmonson at gun point and would wait for assistance to arrive. Officer Van Horn arrived first and Edmonson was then taken into custody.

Edmonson did not have the gun on him but said he had thrown it while walking along the road and he provided information about where to locate the gun. GCSD Det. Sgt. James O’Malley was able to locate the firearm.

Deputy Carpenter reported Edmonson did not have a license to conceal and carry a firearm.

On Thursday, a new case was filed against Edmonson, who is being held in the Greene County Jail without bond.

When Edmonson appears in Greene Superior Court on Monday, March 4, for his initial hearing in the latest case, he will be formally charged with carrying a handgun without a license, a Class A misdemeanor.

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