Man accused of getting into vehicle of woman he didn't know

A Linton man was arrested last Sunday afternoon after a convenience store employee called police saying the man was at the store yelling and screaming.

Ezekiel Morrow

Ezekiel Morrow

Ezekiel Thomas Morrow, 28, Linton, also known as Zeke Morrow, was taken into custody by Det. Paul Clark of the Linton Police Department after Clark saw him trying to get into the vehicle of a woman, who didn’t know Morrow, while she was sitting in the driver’s seat.

Det. Clark was dispatched to the Country Porch convenience store and gas station on 13th Street NW at 1:45 p.m. on Sunday, December 16, after an employee called and reported a man was there yelling and behaving erratically. They asked the LPD to make him leave the property and tell him not to return.

When Clark arrived, he recognized the man as Morrow and said Morrow first told him he was not doing anything wrong, then claimed “they had poisoned” him. He didn’t respond when asked who “they” are, but when asked if he needed an ambulance, he claimed he did.

 Waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, Morrow allegedly was waving his hands and arms all over as he continued to talk about being poisoned and say “they” were trying to kill him. Clark said Morrow exhibited signs of possible influence of an illegal narcotic including confusion and being agitated.

After EMS personnel arrived, they spent about 20 minutes attempting to talk to Morrow and offering to take him to the hospital. Clark said Morrow would agree then claim the hospital was trying to kill him too, going from walking away to leave, to turning and coming back, acting confused.

Since he would not accept treatment, Morrow was told that the business wanted him to leave the property and not return and he needed to leave.

Clark said Morrow started walking north as if he was leaving, but before Morrow got far, a vehicle pulled into the parking lot and a man got out of the passenger side leaving a woman driver in the vehicle. Clark said Morrow turned around and walked directly toward the vehicle, opened a back door and was getting inside. The driver was screaming as Clark was continuously ordering Morrow to leave. The driver later said she did not know Morrow.

Officer Clark pulled Morrow from the vehicle and a brief struggle ensued as Clark attempted to restrain Morrow who was resisting.

Morrow was booked into the Greene County Jail where his bond was set at $2,500 surety with ten percent cash allowed. He posted $250 cash and was released.

When Morrow appeared in Greene Superior Court yesterday, Thursday, December 20, he was charged with:

  • Criminal trespassing, a Class A misdemeanor,

  • Resisting law enforcement – knowingly or intentionally forcibly resists, a Class A misdemeanor, and

  • Unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, a Class B misdemeanor.