Linton man accused of trespassing and a whole lot of yelling

A Linton man upset about a civil matter is accused of handling it by yelling, trespassing, and not cooperating with an officer instead of following appropriate legal procedure. Now he’s facing a criminal matter.

Jeffrey Alan Enochs

Jeffrey Alan Enochs

When Jeffrey Alan Enochs, 57, Linton, appeared in Greene Superior Court earlier this week, he was charged with criminal trespassing – a Class A misdemeanor, disorderly conduct involving unreasonable noise – a Class B misdemeanor, and resisting law enforcement – a Class A misdemeanor.

Enochs was arrested by Sgt. Logan Hobbs of the Linton Police Department on Tuesday, October 2. He was booked in to jail then was released later the same night after he posted $250 cash which was ten percent of a $2,500 bond. He was then scheduled to be in court this week for his initial hearing.

Around 7 p.m. that evening, Enochs went in to the police department to ask for police assistance in getting a vehicle returned to him. He said his son and his son’s wife had been using his car for at least several months and that the car belonged to Enochs’ brother. He said the car wasn’t stolen but the couple had not paid for the car and he wanted the money.

Sgt. Hobbs said he told Enochs the situation was a civil matter and he explained the process Enochs could go through to get the vehicle back. Hobbs said Enochs became very irate and said he would go to the couple’s residence and get the car back himself. Hobbs said he told the man if he did that, there was a chance the situation could get out of control due to his current demeanor. He strongly advised Enochs to handle the situation legally and properly to avoid creating a bigger issue. Hobbs said the man then left while yelling about the car all the way out the door of the police department.

Then at 7:21 p.m., LPD got a 911 call from a woman who said Enochs was on her property shouting at her daughter about the car. The dispatcher told Officer Hobbs he could hear Enochs shouting in the background of the 911 call.

Officer Hobbs responded to the residence and said Enochs was there, outside the home, along with other adults and children. Hobbs told Enochs to quiet down and stop shouting but Enochs allegedly escalated the shouting. Hobbs said he told Enochs to leave the property several times. Enochs allegedly said he wouldn’t leave.

Hobbs said he issued a final warning, then when he placed Enochs under arrest, Enochs was uncooperative and pulled away, but did cooperate after the officer displayed a Taser. Enochs was transported to the Greene County Jail without further incident.