Linton man accused of criminal trespassing and hitting an officer with his fist

When a man accused of criminal trespassing exhibited erratic behavior as he was taken into custody, an officer asked if he’d taken anything. He allegedly said no, he doesn’t use bath salts.

Joshua Lloyd Roach

Joshua Lloyd Roach

Joshua Lloyd Roach, 36, of Linton, was arrested last Saturday morning, December 8, after two Linton police officers responded to a disturbance at a home on A Street NW in Linton.

Both LPD Officer Debbie McDonald, the investigating officer, and Det. Paul Clark went to the home after a woman walked to the police department from the home. She said Roach was there yelling at a male family member and that Roach had taken the man’s vehicle keys and had taken her cell phone so she could not call for help. She said he was refusing to give these items back.

When the officers arrived, Roach was standing outside yelling at the man who confirmed Roach had his keys. He said he wanted his keys back and he wanted Roach to leave.

Officer McDonald reported Roach was yelling about other people being at the man’s house, saying they were stealing everything and they were in the trees and they had cameras.

Roach had previously been served a no trespass warning for the property back on October 27. He was told to leave but he replied that he was not leaving.

McDonald said Roach continued to yell at the man as well as Det. Clark.

Roach was then informed he was being arrested for trespassing and to put his hands behind his back. He did not comply and was pinned against a patrol vehicle as officers attempted to handcuff him. Roach continued resisting for several minutes and was hitting Det. Clark was his fist.

Once Roach was handcuffed, the vehicle key was returned to the owner as well as the cell phone.

McDonald transported Roach to the Greene County Jail but he continued to behave erratically on the way there.

In a probable cause affidavit prepared by McDonald, she wrote, “As we were driving to the jail, Josh talked continuously about things that did not make any sense. Josh was sweating profusely and his eyes were open abnormally wide. I asked Josh what he had taken, he replied nothing, he doesn’t use bath salts.”

Roach appeared in Greene Superior Court yesterday, Tuesday, December 11, for his initial hearing.

He has been charged with:

  • Battery against a public safety official, a Level 6 felony,

  • Resisting law enforcement – knowingly or intentionally forcibly resists, a Class A misdemeanor, and

  • Criminal trespassing, a Class A misdemeanor.

As of mid-day Wednesday, Roach had not posted bond and remained in jail.