Linton man accused of battery on hospital security officer

After a resident reported an unknown man banging on the door late at night, the man was transported to the hospital due to extreme intoxication. But at the hospital, he allegedly attempted to punch a nurse and battered a hospital security officer.

Alec Johnson

Alec Johnson

Alec Michael Johnson, 22, Linton, was arrested today, Wednesday, April 3, on a warrant issued after a criminal case was filed against him as a result of an incident that occurred starting late Saturday night, March 23.

Deputy Davis Aerne of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, the lead investigator, was dispatched around 11:21 p.m. that Saturday after a woman called in and said there was a man on her family’s front porch, banging on the door of their house located on West County Road 230 North in the Linton area. The residents did not know the man.

When Deputy Aerne arrived, Sgt. Logan Hobbs of the Linton Police Department was talking to a man without a shirt who was sitting in the front yard. Sgt. Hobbs told Deputy Aerne the man’s name was Alec Johnson.

Aerne said Johnson appeared to be extremely intoxicated and the deputy requested an ambulance.

Aerne reported Johnson admitted he’d had quite a bit to drink and said his friends had left him there after they “got into it.”

Johnson was transported to Greene County General Hospital by personnel from the Greene County Ambulance Service.

The next day, Deputy Aerne was notified by LPD Sgt. Hobbs that while Johnson was at the hospital, he attempted to strike a nurse and he battered a security officer.

Both the nurse and the security officer made statements about the incident and told the same story.

While hospital personnel were attempting to help Johnson, he allegedly tried to hit the nurse with a closed fist but didn’t land the punch – she moved back and the security officer pulled Johnson away. But then Johnson allegedly grabbed the security officer’s uniform and ripped his shirt. The nurse said Johnson was yelling and cussing, saying he wanted to fight.

A criminal case was filed against Johnson and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He’s facing preliminary charges of battery against a public safety official, a Level 6 felony, and criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor.

In another case still pending against Johnson, he was accused of repeatedly pushing and shoving another customer in a convenience store and getting into an altercation with other customers in early February. He was arrested but later entered into a pre-trial diversion program and the case was put on hold.