Linton man accused of battering wife outside a school

The evidence against a Linton man accused of felony domestic battery includes video surveillance footage. An officer says the video confirms the man battered a woman outside a school.

Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson

Joshua Ryan Patterson, 30, Linton, is scheduled to appear in Greene Superior Court on Monday afternoon. He was arrested and booked in to the Greene County Jail on Wednesday, November 28, by Officer Nick Yingling of the Linton Police Department.

LPD Assistant Chief Duane Collenbaugh, the investigating officer, began the investigation that Wednesday when a woman came into the police department a little after 2 p.m. after she had run out of her home because she was afraid of her husband, Patterson.

According to Collenbaugh, she said he’d not been going to work, had been accusing her of affairs, had been monitoring where she goes and for how long, and had gotten a shotgun out earlier to intimidate her. She told the officer Patterson said he was going to cut off her fingers and he was going to take her for a torture ride and teach her a lesson.

Collenbaugh reported the woman appeared to be terrified and was seeking safety, afraid to go home.

Two children were in school at the time. Collenbaugh contacted the school resource officer who then had them waiting for her to pick up and Collenbaugh advised her to go pick up the children then return to the police department.

Collenbaugh also went to the school but before he got there, a 911 call came into LPD dispatch from the school to report Patterson had shown up and was causing a problem. They asked LPD to send an officer as soon as possible.

When he arrived and spoke to the woman, she said she left the building with the children to get in her car but before she opened a car door, she saw Patterson in the back seat and they ran back to the school but Patterson allegedly got out of her vehicle and started chasing her.

Patterson allegedly caught up with her, grabbed her arm and her shirt and took her phone and purse then ran away, then came back and started arguing while she and the children were trying to get back inside the school.

Collenbaugh said he reviewed the school’s video surveillance which confirmed her allegations to be true.

Patterson was interviewed by LPD Det. Paul Clark then arrested and transported to the Greene County Jail where his bond was set at $4,000 surety with ten percent cash allowed. He did post $400 cash, was served with a protective order, then released with a court date.

When Patterson appears at his initial hearing on Monday afternoon, he will be charged with domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old, a Level 6 felony.