Inmate requires stitches after another inmate allegedly threw butter at him, then threw a punch

An inmate in the Greene County Jail was recently taken to Greene County General Hospital to get stitches to close a laceration caused by another man, serving time for battery and intimidation, who allegedly threw butter at the inmate then hit him in the face.  

Andrew C. Damron

Andrew C. Damron

Andrew Charles Damron, 24, of Linton, is serving time in jail on felony intimidation and misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury as a result of an incident in Linton in which Damron was accused of kicking an officer and threatening to kill three officers. He was sentenced in August. Now he’s facing another criminal case charging him with battery resulting in bodily injury, a level 6 felony.

This case was filed against Damron last Thursday, November 1, following an investigation by Det. James O’Malley of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department that began in the afternoon of Saturday, October 27, when an inmate used the jail’s intercom system to report he’d been hit in the face by Damron.

Det. O’Malley responded and reported the inmate was transported to Greene County General Hospital for treatment. A laceration outside and inside his mouth required sutures on the left side of his face and more sutures on the inside of his mouth on the left side to close the wound. The inmate later said he was in pain, could not completely open his mouth and was having difficulty eating food.

O’Malley reviewed video from the jail’s video surveillance system and said the video showed Damron throwing packs of butter at the inmate while the inmate was asleep on his bed. The inmate then got up and approached Damron who then hit the inmate in the face with a closed fist. O’Malley said the inmate did not retaliate but instead contacted jail staff.

During an interview, Damron allegedly admitted he threw the butter packs at the inmate and that he hit him with a closed fist. But Damron also claimed the inmate had spit on him.

During an interview with the inmate, the inmate said he’d been continuously harassed by Damron for weeks, that Damron had called him names and had thrown food at him several times.

Damron is currently scheduled to appear in Greene Superior Court on Wednesday for an initial hearing in this latest case against him.