In other news: Updated list of school board candidates as of end of day on Tuesday

School Board Candidates

The following is an updated list of individuals who have filed to run as a candidate for a school board seat, as of end of day on Tuesday, August 21. The deadline to file is 12 noon on Friday, August 24.


  • Kristina A. Jarman, Richland District 1
  • Terri R. Neighbors, Richland District 1

Eastern Greene

  • Michael D. Adams, Sr., Beech Creek
  • Ronald Childress, Center
  • Tina Johnson, Center


  • Katie Elliott, At-Large
  • Mike Perigo, District 2
  • John D. Preble, District 1
  • Ralph Witty, At-Large

MSD Shakamak

  • John F. Gambill, District 2
  • Robert Wise, District 2
  • James H. Yeryar, District 3

White River Valley

  • Joseph E. Decker, Jefferson 2
  • Brock Hostetter, At-Large
  • Roger Shake, Stafford
  • Roger Weaver, At-Large

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