First accused of intimidation, now accused of violating a protective order

A father upset over child custody and visitation issues, accused of threatening his ex-wife and others, was summoned to appear in court next Thursday on a charge of intimidation. But before his court date, he was in more trouble for allegedly violating a protective order and was booked in to jail early this morning.

Mason Shane Miller

Mason Shane Miller

Mason Shane Miller, 32, of Farmersburg, was arrested on a preliminary charge of invasion of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor, in a new case that was filed against him last Thursday, August 30. A warrant for his arrest was issued the same day.

In the first case filed against him, he was facing one count of intimidation, a Class A misdemeanor.

Details about that case are re-posted below this story.

In the latest case, Officer Ryan Van Horn of the Jasonville Police Department has been investigating a complaint that Miller had been sending a series of text messages to his ex-wife, in violation of a protective order.

The order of protection was granted on August 6 in Greene Circuit Court. The order was served on Miller in person on August 11 by Sullivan County Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Southwood.

Since that time, Officer Van Horn alleges the text messages were sent from a computer-generated telephone number using an application that can be downloaded on a mobile device to send messages from a number that is different from the user’s own mobile number.

In a probable cause affidavit, Van Horn lists the time and date numerous texts were sent, and their content. Those details will not be included in this story – the content contains profanity, accusations and obvious anger.

Van Horn said when he talked to Miller about the messages at the Jasonville Police Department, Miller admitted to setting up the computer-generated number and sending the messages. He allegedly said he understood that the messages were a clear violation of the protective order.

Miler was being held without bond in this case pending his appearance in court.

Previous story about the intimidation case that was posted on Tuesday, August 14:

Father upset over child visitation issues to be charged with intimidation

A father upset over child custody and visitation issues is accused of threatening his ex-wife and others. The alleged threats have been escalating, Jasonville Police have been investigating, and the father is being summoned into court on a preliminary charge of intimidation.

Mason Shane Miller, 32, has been sent a summons to appear in Greene Superior Court in mid-September. A criminal case accusing him of intimidation, a Class A misdemeanor, was filed against him late last week.

Court records list Miller’s home mailing address as a P.O. Box in Farmersburg.

Officer Dustin Cain of the Jasonville Police Department has been investigating the alleged threats since late July when a woman, who lives in Jasonville, went in to the Jasonville Police Department to make a report.

JPD Officer Ryan Van Horn took the initial report. The woman said she was receiving threatening text messages from her ex-husband, Mason Miller. Officer Van Horn reviewed the messages allegedly sent by Miller, unprintable here, filled with profanity, slurs and a warning to the woman to watch her back. Van Horn explained the process of obtaining a protective order.

Then on Thursday, August 2, Officer Cain was dispatched to the woman’s residence on South Park Street in Jasonville after the woman’s boyfriend reported he was receiving threatening messages from Miller. Officer Cain said he viewed Facebook posts, allegedly posted by Miller, warning that he was not going to play nice. Miller was also accused of riding a loud motorcycle in front of the home.

Both the ex-wife and her boyfriend said they had blocked Miller on their phones and on Facebook and they had started the process of getting protective orders.

The next day, on Friday, August 3, Officer Cain responded again to the same residence about another threat. Residents said he had been driving the loud motorcycle back and forth past the home, had been “flipping off” the residents, pointing at the man, mouthing words, sometimes driving slow, sometimes fast.

In addition, Miller is alleged to have sent a message to a family member of the woman who lives in another state, asking this person to deliver a message to his ex-wife. According to Officer Cain, this message states that if Miller is denied to speak to his children, he will be back over there and it would get uglier and uglier, that he is warped in the head and has nothing to lose, with a threat that he would “go in” while they’re passed out drunk and beat the woman to death in her bed.

During his investigation, Officer Cain said he talked to Miller and suggested legal ways he could go about getting visitation with his children, but he also told him continuously driving past the woman’s house and making threats over social media was an issue. Miller allegedly responded by saying if he does anything, it won’t be at the house or in front of the kids.

Also as part of his investigation, Officer Cain reviewed the relevant decree of dissolution which was through a Sullivan County Court and reported the woman was granted sole physical custody of a child and Miller was granted supervised visitation for six months at the Sullivan County Supervision Center.

Officer Cain also reviewed the latest Facebook posts allegedly posted by Miller, including one that said he was about to snap and end up in prison. In the last one, before investigative information was turned over to the prosecutor’s office, Cain reported Miller had allegedly posted that if he is denied his children, he will be back and if they think he can’t f*** s*** up before police arrive, they are mistaken.

The criminal summons was sent by mail with signature confirmation of receipt required. If Miller does not appear at his initial hearing, a warrant could be issued for his arrest.