Driver facing felony drug charges after caller reports suspicious vehicle in Bloomfield

Police responded to a neighborhood on the south side of Bloomfield last Friday night after a caller reported someone was driving a vehicle up a hill then rolling it back down, several times, at a high rate of speed. The driver was later arrested and has been charged with five counts related to drugs including meth and cocaine.

John Overton

John Overton

John Anderson Overton, 35, of Odon, the driver of a white 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan, said he had been visiting a friend in Bloomfield.

Bloomfield Deputy Marshal Jordan Allor was dispatched to the area of Stark and Lewis Streets around 9:32 p.m. and Sgt. Bobby Pierce and Deputy Heather Wood of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department also responded.

The deputies got there first and found Overton leaning on the Caravan parked in the lot of Warnick’s Body Shop on Lewis Street, with his emergency flashers on.

Then Allor arrived and said Overton seemed very nervous, was making furtive movements, his pupils were dilated, he had a hard time focusing, at one point his carotid artery was visibly pulsating, and the officers could smell a chemical odor coming from him.

Overton allegedly said he was eastbound on Stark Street approaching South Seminary when his van started acting up so he backed it into the lot to get it off the road.

Allor reported Overton tested at 0.00 on a portable breathalyzer to check for possible alcohol consumption, and he passed two but failed one field sobriety test.

He also reported that Overton at first denied he had ingested methamphetamine but later admitted he had smoked meth earlier in the day.

Overton was first transported to the jail then to Greene County General Hospital for a blood draw – results pending.

Prior to having Overton’s vehicle towed, Sgt. Pierce reported that during the required inventory, he found a white crystal substance in one Ziploc bag and a white powdery substance in another bag along with cut straws. The crystal substance tested positive as methamphetamine and the powdery substance field tested positive as cocaine.

Overton was booked in and held without bond pending his appearance in court.

During his initial hearing in Greene Superior Court on Tuesday, September 18, Overton was charged with possession of methamphetamine – a Level 6 felony, possession of cocaine - a Level 6 felony, maintaining a common nuisance – a Level 6 felony, operating a vehicle while intoxicated – a Class C misdemeanor, and possession of paraphernalia – a Class C misdemeanor.

Overton’s bond was set at $12,000 surety with ten percent cash allowed. As of Thursday evening, he had not posted bond and was still in jail.