On GreeneStreets: News from the Times coming soon

On GreeneStreets: News from the Times coming soon

There’s news on GreeneStreets: Readers are going to start seeing some changes soon, but it should have very little effect on readers who are here primarily for the crime news. The GreeneStreets crime blog will stay basically the same as it is now, but some other news will also be available for those who are interested. So, I want to give readers a heads-up - The Worthington Times is going to be integrated in on this same site.  

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On GreeneStreets: An update

On GreeneStreets: An update

My mother (Anna Rochelle) has been released from the hospital, with an unexpected and life-changing diagnosis. She is settling in at home and needs a little time to rest and readjust to life on oxygen and lifestyle changes. There were plans to put back-up writers in place but this happened first. She is anxious to get back to writing and we’re sorry for the delay but we’ve got some prep work to do here to get her set up to get back to doing what she loves to do asap. -Kermit Rochelle

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On GreeneStreets: Making a change to improve the site

Working on the GreeneStreets site has been great. It's still early for a start-up, but so far, so good. For the most part, everything has gone smoothly, rolling right along. It continues to grow and it's been very encouraging to see how many people are interested in this coverage - more than I expected. I thank every subscriber and every visitor. 

However, I do have a concern that my news from my own hometown of Worthington is a distraction and is getting in the way. So I’m backtracking. Combining the Times and GreeneStreets onto one site seemed like a good idea, but hindsight being 20-20, it’s time to recognize a mistake and backtrack to separate the two. Good thing I have experience - I’ve gotten pretty good at fixing mistakes over the years.

Here’s what’s going to happen over the next few days:

GreeneStreets stays at greenestreets.com covering the Greene County crime and courts beat, jail logs and court news. If you’re mainly here to read the crime news and not interested in news from Worthington, Wotown items are going to be getting out of your way.

The Worthington Times is moving back onto its own site at worthingtontimes.com. Worthington items will be moving off and away from GreeneStreets and all will reappear on the Times site – a process that will likely take a few days.

I think Greene County people interested in the crime scene coverage will be happier with this change. And I think Worthington Times people will also be happier with this change once completed.

The cost for subscribers remains the same. There’s no change in this. If you have a subscription, there's nothing you need to do - subscribers will have access to both sites.

This move is going to cause some long hours of jumping through hoops on the back end and coordinating with the subscriber service provider to write some additional code just for the Times, but in the end, when the move is completed, this will be better for our readers, both from Greene County and from Worthington.

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Follow the Times on Facebook at The Worthington Times.

Thanks for your patience during this change to make this a better site.