CASE UPDATE: Man charged with attempted murders to undergo psychiatric evaluation

A Linton man charged with two attempted murders is set for psych evals to determine if he’s competent to stand trial.

Jared Turner

Jared Turner

Jared Turner, 24, is accused of the attempted murder of Todd Bennett in Linton and the attempted murder of an inmate at the Greene County Jail after Turner was taken into custody, both in early October.

On Monday, October 15, the defense filed motions in both cases requesting for Turner to be evaluated.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, October 23, the judge issued an order in both cases for the examinations “to determine present capacity to stand trial and to determine if conduct was a result of mental disease or defect.”

The appropriate support documents have been forwarded to the offices of two doctors.

There is no estimated time frame as to how long it might be before the examinations are completed and the results returned to the court.

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