Bloomfield woman arrested, accused of threat to slit someone’s throat

A Bloomfield woman, accused of threatening to slit the throat of a co-worker, was taken into custody Friday evening after a warrant was issued for her arrest earlier in the day.

Tobi Nadine Jackson

Tobi Nadine Jackson

Tobi N. Jackson, 19, Bloomfield, was booked in to the Greene County Jail around 6:45 p.m. on a preliminary charge of intimidation where the threat is to commit a forcible felony, a Level 6 felony.

This case stems from an incident that occurred last Monday night, September 10, and has been under investigation by Deputy Marshal Ryan Montgomery of the Bloomfield Police Department.

Officer Montgomery and BPD Deputy Marshal Jordan Allor were dispatched to Huck’s gas station and convenience store on West Main in Bloomfield after a caller reported an off-duty employee, Jackson, had threatened to slit the throat of another employee who was working the front register.

The officers found Jackson sitting on a wall near the entrance to the store along with two other women. Montgomery said she knew why they were there and when asked if she had any weapons, she said she had a pocket knife that she always carries because she is a woman and she walks a lot.

According to Montgomery, Jackson said she was at the store to get some drinks and other items and when she tried to have a civil conversation with the clerk over work-related issues, he asked her to leave. She said she didn’t need to leave because she also works there and is allowed to discuss work-related issues.

Three other people who were in the store at the time of the incident, including Jackson’s two friends, said they did not hear what was said, but they did hear the clerk say he was quitting his job as he was walking out.

Montgomery reported Jackson said she did not display her knife during the incident, that she never threatened him, and that the officer could check video cameras but since they did not have audio, it would be his word against hers.

However, Officer Montgomery talked to a customer who said he was at the cash register when Jackson walked in and told the clerk that if he didn’t stop running his mouth, she was going to slit his throat. The customer said he then walked out of the store.

Montgomery also talked to another witness who was sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot during the incident. She said she could see through the front window of the store and she saw Jackson yelling at the clerk. She also said when the customer, who had been at the register during the incident, walked out, he told her Jackson had just told the clerk, in front of everyone in the store, that she was going to kill him.

Montgomery reported that when he talked to the clerk at another location, he said Jackson had smacked the front window of the store then came in and told him he needed to stop running his mouth and that she was going to slit his throat. He said he told her she needed to leave the store several times but she replied that she works there and he can’t do that. He said since she would not leave, he did. He clocked out on the register and left the store.

Following the investigation, Greene County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Keven McIntosh filed a case against Jackson mid-week and the warrant for her arrest was issued Friday.

After Jackson was taken into custody by Officer Allor, her bond was set at $4,000 surety with ten percent cash allowed. She posted $400 cash, was released on Saturday and ordered to appear in Greene Superior Court for an initial hearing on Thursday, September 20.