Bloomfield man wanted on charge of auto theft

A warrant’s been out for a while for the arrest of a Bloomfield man accused of auto theft. He was supposed to fix a vehicle then return it to the owner. He allegedly did fix it, but he did not return it.

Michael Shake, 61, of Bloomfield, is wanted on a preliminary charge of auto theft – theft of the entire vehicle, a Level 6 felony. The warrant was his arrest was issued in late November.

This case has been under investigation by Lt. Marvin Holt of the Bloomfield Police Department.

Holt was contacted on September 19 by the owner of a 2002 GMC Yukon who said he’d left the vehicle with Michael Shake so Shake could fix some mechanical issues then return the vehicle.  

After Shake fixed it, he allegedly used the vehicle for several days for personal use and drove it without permission to Decatur, Ind. The owner said he’d talked to Shake several times and made arrangements multiple times for the vehicle to be returned, but Shake had never returned it.

Holt said Shake had the vehicle for about a month before the owner contacted police.

The owner also contacted the Decatur Police Department and DPD Officer Springer then got in touch with BPD Officer Holt.

Officer Springer said he’d found the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a medical facility in Decatur. According to Holt, Officer Springer said Shake had checked himself into the hospital for undisclosed medical reasons and when he was released, he walked up on Officer Springer and the vehicle, and handed the vehicle keys to the officer. Shake allegedly told Officer Springer that he had permission to have the vehicle.

Officer Springer asked if Shake should be detained but Holt said he intended to file charges first. Officer Springer had the vehicle towed and arrangements were made to pick it up the following day.

Holt has not been able to make contact with Shake.

A criminal case was then filed against Shake on November 29 and a warrant was issued for his arrest the same day, on a preliminary charge of auto theft – theft of entire vehicle, a Level 6 felony.