Battery suspect accused of spitting on officer

A battery suspect, said to have been aware that he had hepatitis, is accused of spitting on an officer. The suspect, who allegedly battered two individuals and scuffled with two officers, has been charged with three felonies and three misdemeanors.

Nathan Michael

Nathan Michael

Nathan Paul Michael, 36, of Linton, appeared in Greene Circuit Court yesterday, November 28, for an initial hearing. He’s been charged with:

  • Battery by bodily waste, a Level 5 felony,

  • Intimidation – threat is to certain types of people, a Level 6 felony,

  • Battery against a public safety official, a Level 6 felony,

  • Domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor,

  • Resisting law enforcement – knowingly or intentionally forcibly resists, a Class A misdemeanor, and

  • Battery, a Class B misdemeanor.

Michael was arrested the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 21, by Det. Paul Clark of the Linton Police Department after Clark was dispatched around 3 p.m. to a disturbance in the parking lot in back of the Wendy’s Restaurant located on A Street NE in Linton.

Clark said he spoke to a woman who identified herself as Michael’s wife and told him Michael came to visit her on her lunch break, in a van driven by a family member of Michael’s. She allegedly said as she and Michael were sitting in the van, he became angry and began yelling at her then when she exited the vehicle, he began yelling at her coworkers who were also outside the restaurant.

The woman claimed Michael grabbed her arms and was squeezing her wrists and when the driver returned to the van, while Michael still had hold of her arm, Michael was telling the driver to drive away. She said Michael was pulling her shirt off and she bit him on the arm in the effort to free herself and then Michael began to attack the driver.

In a later interview with the driver, Clark said the man told him Michael was fighting with the woman and was inside the van grabbing her arm while she was outside. He confirmed Michael began yelling at him to drive but he did not do that because she would have been seriously injured. He also confirmed Michael had shoved him into the door, wrapped arms around him and was squeezing him.

When Det. Clark went to a residence where both Michael and the driver were living to check on the driver’s welfare and talk to Michael, he was met by Michael. Clark said he was visibly agitated and yelling. The situation escalated and Clark reported some scuffling as Michael was informed he was under arrest.

When LPD Officer Nick Yingling arrived to assist, Michael did not cooperate but he was taken into custody and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle. Michael was first taken to Greene County General Hospital for a medical clearance but at one point on the way, he allegedly rolled onto his back and used both feet to kick at a window. At another point, he allegedly leaned forward and spit at Clark – the spit landed on Clark’s right shoulder. Michael was also reportedly resisting and fighting with security officers at the hospital, but he was cleared and transported to the Greene County Jail.

According to an affidavit prepared by Det. Clark, the woman said Michael had hepatitis and he was aware of this condition.

Michael’s bond was set at $20,500 surety with ten percent cash allowed. As of late Wednesday, Michael had not posted bond and remained in jail.