Bloomfield woman, 37, who has never had a driver's license, arrested

Windy Weaver

Windy Weaver

A 37-year-old Bloomfield woman was in court yesterday, accused of operating a vehicle though she had never gotten a driver’s license, and marijuana possession.

Windy Louise Weaver was arrested on Thursday, July 26, and booked in to the Greene County Jail where her bond was set at $1,500 surety with ten percent allowed. She posted $150 cash to bond out then appeared in court this Thursday for her initial hearing.

Bloomfield Deputy Marshal Jordan Allor was on patrol that Thursday, along with Lt. Marvin Holt, also of the Bloomfield Police Department, around 10:45 p.m. when they saw Weaver driving a silver 1999 Pontiac Grand Am in Bloomfield.

Allor said he was aware that Weaver did not have a valid driver’s license.

When Weaver was stopped at the intersection of East Mechanic and South Washington streets, she allegedly admitted to Allor that she knew she had never had a driver’s license.

In addition, she’s been charged with this before – in 2015, she was convicted of operating a motor vehicle while never having received a license.

Weaver was handcuffed and transported to the Greene County Jail.

Her vehicle was towed and during the required inventory of the vehicle, officers reported finding a small hand-rolled cigarette that tested positive for marijuana.

Weaver appeared in Greene Superior Court on Thursday morning to face charges of knowingly or intentionally operating a motor vehicle while never having received a license with a prior conviction, a Class A misdemeanor, and possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor.