County Records on Wednesday: Marriage Licenses

List of marriage licenses recently issued in the Greene County Clerk’s Office:

Greene County Clerk, Marriage Licenses

  • Emily Jaynes Reynolds McClusky, 36, and Kelson Earl Brooks Burke, 39, Solsberry
  • Ethan Joseph Lannan, 23, Linton, and Taylor Jade Resler, 23, Linton
  • Dylan Robert Emmons, 25, Lyons, and Elizabeth Diane Lang, 21, Lyons
  • Scott Everett Sylvester, 44, Worthington, and Kyla Hargrove, 33, Worthington
  • Tye Steven Robertson, 29, Scotland, Magdalena Rose Swartzentruber, 23, Odon
  • Joshua Paul Shonk, 40, Linton, and Katherine Feinberg, 43, Linton