Court News: Civil & Small Claims

List of all civil and small claims cases filed in Greene Circuit and Superior Courts last week, May 5-11, 2019:

Greene Circuit Court, Civil Cases

  • Selene Finance LP v. Aimee D. Vandeventer, Gary L. Vandeventer, United States of America through its Department of Housing and Urban Development, mortgage foreclosure

  • In Re: The Marriage of Christopher Leffler and Aeysha M. Leffler, domestic relations with children

  • In Re: The Guardianship of Maria Withrow, guardianship

  • American Express National Bank v. Kenneth Wells, collection

  • In the Matter of the Paternity of Allison River Jean Meredith Myers, juvenile paternity

  • In Re: The Estate of Trudi L. Anderson, estate, supervised

  • In the Matter of the Paternity of Aaron Brett Jones, juvenile paternity

  • Windgate Properties LLC, Gary L. Myers, Brenda J. Collins Myers v. Wells Fargo Bank, Argent Mortgage Company LLC, Assets Acceptance LLC et al, civil plenary

  • In Re: The Marriage of Jarrod Cornelius and Mariah Logston, domestic relations without children

  • In Re: The Marriage of Emily Wicker and Scott Wicker, domestic relations with children

  • State of Indiana ex rel: Jason M. Pearson and Jeremiah Herald, domestic relations with children

  • In Re: The Marriage of Jason M. Pearson and Rachael E. Wellman, domestic relations with children

  • World Finance Corporation v. Summer Sullivan, collection

Greene Superior Court, Civil & Small Claims Cases

  • Discover Bank c/o Discover Products Inc. v. Jennifer Sample, collection

  • TD Bank USA NA as successor in interest to Target National Bank v. Alice Emery, collection

  • Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Kristen Patterson, collection

  • Rea Anthony v. Neal Goble, small claims

  • Bruce Borders, Lola Borders v. Tommy Beeks, small claims

  • Three Rivers Federal Credit Union v. Jesse Stephens, collection

  • Lyco Senior Citizen Apartments v. Jennie L. Rupert, small claims

  • Ashlee Horton v. Brandon Bennett, unknown tenants, small claims